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'Evil monster' jailed for abusing children

A businessman has been jailed for four years at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for sexually abusing a brother and sister 30 years ago.

The court heard Fintan Brennan (51), who was described as "an evil monster" by one of his victims, transferred several of his properties to his wife's name around the time of his trial last July in an effort to avoid having to hand them over as compensation to his victims.

Judge Patrick McCartan said he was unimpressed with Brennan's behaviour, commenting: "He took active steps in collusion with his wife to frustrate the payment of any meaningful compensation."

Brennan's property company is involved in buying houses and renting them to tenants. The court heard the business is currently €2m in debt.

Judge McCartan also criticised his behaviour before the trial when Brennan hired private investigators to look into the lives of his two victims.

A solicitor for the victims told the court that, around the time of his trial, Brennan transferred all of his property which was free from debt into his wife's name. This amounted to six apartments.


Brennan's defence counsel, Anthony Sammon, told the court that his wife was willing to give up two city-centre apartments with a combined value of €196,000 for him to use as compensation.

The victims refused to accept this.

Judge McCartan then said he may "stay my hand" if Brennan was to offer a different pair of city-centre apartments which could be sold by the victims.

The defence replied that Brennan's wife was unwilling to hand these over.

In sentencing Brennan, Judge McCartan commented: "The lives of two innocent and young people were utterly destroyed for his own personal physical gratification."

He sentenced him to two terms of two years to run consecutively.

Brennan of Mabestown, The Ward, in north Co Dublin, was convicted by a jury of 18 counts of indecent assault of the siblings at various locations in Dublin between January 1976 and June 1982. He had denied all the charges.

Victim impact reports by the brother and sister were read in court detailing the effect of the abuse on their lives. Both were seven when the abuse started.

"After my father's death, instead of being comforted, I was abused constantly by (Brennan)," the male victim stated. "I can only describe him as an evil monster."