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Evil killer contacted escorts just before Karen's murder


Karen Buckley, who was murdered by Alexander Pacteau

Karen Buckley, who was murdered by Alexander Pacteau

Alexander Pacteau

Alexander Pacteau


Karen Buckley, who was murdered by Alexander Pacteau

Police who tracked down Karen Buckley’s evil killer have been questioning escorts in Glasgow following fears he may have been violent towards other women.

Sources have revealed that phone records belonging to Alexander Pacteau (21) have shown a number of calls made to escorts in his home city in the weeks running up to the murder of the 24-year-old Irish nurse.

Karen’s parents John (62) and Marian (61) Buckley will be in Glasgow’s High Court today  when Pacteau is sentenced for bludgeoning their daughter to death on April 12 last.

While Pacteau faces a mandatory life sentence, Justice Lady Rae will today rule on precisely how many years the former Scottish grammar schoolboy must serve in prison before he can be considered for parole.

It is likely the killer will serve the majority of his sentence in Barlinnie Prison – the largest jail in Scotland and one of the toughest prisons in Europe.

Karen’s three brothers, Damien, Brendan and Kieran  are also expected to attend the sentencing.

“No words of ours can do justice to our feelings towards him. He is truly evil and we hope that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars,” John Buckley previously said.

Meanwhile, it is understood that police are following “several leads” found on phones and laptops belonging to Pacteau.

In a post on Saafe.Info last month, a website forum used by escorts used to discuss personal safety, one woman said she had given a statement to the police.

She said she had a call from a Police Scotland detective who asked her about “the Karen Buckley murder and Alexander Pacteau”.

The escort wrote online that she had been contacted by Pacteau, not knowing who he was, in the nights before Karen’s murder and her number had been found on his phone.

She said thankfully she never met him, but she was asked to give a statement to police.

“I have had shivers ever since,” she wrote, “thinking of how I could have met him in Glasgow that night.  RIP Karen Buckley.”

Karen left The Sanctuary nightclub to walk home alone at 1am on the night of April 12.

Pacteau, who did not know Karen and had not met her in the club that night, had only left the night spot minutes earlier.

The young nurse unwittingly crossed onto the same side of the road as Pacteau, who engaged her in conversation and offered her a lift. Just minutes later, he bludgeoned her to death with a heavy spanner.

He later tried to dispose of her body with caustic soda, first in a bath at his apartment, and then in a plastic barrel. Her body was found by police three days later in a storage unit on a farm outside Glasgow, a discovery which led to the eventual arrest of Pacteau.