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'Everyone's calling us scumbags, but it wasn't us', say locals


The party at Oliver Bond Street flats

The party at Oliver Bond Street flats

The party at Oliver Bond Street flats

Residents of a Dublin apartment complex have hit out at an outdoor rave attended by more than a 100 youths over the weekend and said their area is wrongly being condemned for what happened.

On Saturday night the large group of teens gathered at a football pitch in the Oliver Bond flat complex just hours after new Covid restrictions came into effect for the capital.

The incident is now being investigated by gardaĆ­.

Families living in the area described how youths were urinating on the stairs of the flats, which they say haven't been sterilised since, and there was widespread drug-taking.

Liz O'Connor, a youth worker who has lived in Oliver Bond all her life, told the Herald she had never seen anything like it.


"It was disgraceful, I mean the noise alone," she said.

"It's hugely disrespectful, they came from every where, taxi-loads came out.

"Everybody on social media is putting the flats down saying we're scumbags, we're this and that. We're decent people here, we're rearing families.

"We can't control what's coming in from the outside. I've never seen anything like this."

Local Independent councillor Mannix Flynn said what happened was "the terrorising of a whole flats complex".

Mr Flynn said CCTV footage from the complex should be used to identify those involved and hold them to account.

"The people involved were not from the neighbourhood, they invaded here and set up shop.

"The contempt they were showing here, they were screaming down microphones 'f*** the residents'.

"We have a serious problem on our hands and it isn't isolated.

"This wasn't just an illegal gathering or an invasion, it was also unlawful drug-taking."

Other people living in the complex spoke on the condition of anonymity, over fears of repercussions for publicly speaking out.

One mother said youths were urinating on the stairwells of the flats and that they were left to clean up the remnants of drug-taking the next day.

"By that stage police were over and back out," she said. "They should have stopped it then, there were only two people, they could have nipped it in the bud.

"They were coming in their car loads. I'm sure there were a few from the flats but it (mainly) wasn't people from around the flats," she told the Herald.

"Yesterday we got 23 bags of rubbish and cleaned up the place, that's without the drugs we found. Never in a million years did I think we'd find what we found. There was kids urinating on the stairs and all over the place.

"Now all them kids are gone home and we're left with it, and people are slating us on the internet saying we're scum. We're far from scum."

Residents have said while the events of Saturday night has passed, they now fear what is around the corner next weekend.