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'Everyone has to feel safe in Trump's US' - Brian


Brian Dowling and husband Arthur Gourounlian

Brian Dowling and husband Arthur Gourounlian

Brian Dowling and husband Arthur Gourounlian

He would love to move to America one day and Brian Dowling has said he is not worried about Donald Trump rolling back gay rights when he becomes US president.

Many gay rights activists have expressed concern over what the Republican's policies will be on the issue.

His vice president-elect, Mike Pence, while serving as governor of the state of Indiana, signed a law that attempted to jail gay couples who applied for a marriage licence and the judges or clerks who supplied the licence to them.


Brian stressed the need for minority groups to feel safe in American society as the country prepares for the Trump family to move into the White House in January.

"In this day and age everyone has to feel safe. Black people and Muslim people and for them to feel unsafe is a horrible thing. As a white, Irish, gay man, I feel relatively safe and I'm lucky I can say that," he said.

However, Brian acknowledged it may be worse when he crosses the Atlantic. The Kildare man is going on holiday to the states soon with husband Arthur Gourounlian, and he recently secured an American agent with the hope of getting work there in the future. "I'll be going shopping, socialising, maybe a bit of work. I got an American agent a while ago," he told the Herald.

Brian revealed he's thinking about moving to America when he's had enough of living in London.

"America is something in the long term, yeah," he said.

"I'm lucky I'd be able to do that. It's not something I'd like to do immediately but in the future."