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Every bone hurts, says crash survivor

A DUBLIN woman who cheated death in the Philadelphia train crash that left seven dead and scores injured has said every bone in her body hurts after the tragedy.

Eimear Kelleher, from Lucan, was on board the Amtrak train which crashed with 238 people on board on Tuesday night.

Many of the 65 people brought to hospital suffering injuries remain in a critical condition today.


Eimear was on the train returning to Brooklyn in New York, where she currently lives.

"Every bone in my body hurts," she tweeted this morning.

"Scariest moment of my life. Luckily I'm just a little banged up. Not everyone was as blessed. Keep #Philly in your thoughts tonight," she also said on Twitter.

Eimear works as a brand ambassador for Tullamore Dew whiskey, and said she had been on the train about 15 minutes when the accident happened.

"The train started to speed up and all of a sudden my cup of tea fell and then my laptop went and I was upside down lying on the ceiling," she said.

Eimear told how other passengers immediately swung into action to help those injured.

Two men helped her escape the carriage, which had begun to fill up with smoke.

"We had to climb up using the seats and the guys just reefed me up by the arms through the window," Eimear said.

The packed train was travelling from Washington to New York when it came off the tracks at 9.20pm.

"When I got out, I saw the fire-fighters and police running down to help. They put up ladders and I eventually got down. It was like I was in a film, it was just bizarre," she added.


Eimear said she only received minor injuries and was given the all-clear to return home to Brooklyn but was left feeling very sore.

"I saw some people being carried out on stretchers. That was one of the worst things I saw - and there was a lot of blood," she explained.

"The people on the train were brilliant, no one acted selfishly and they were all trying to help each other," she added.

In August 2014 Tullamore Dew appointed four Irish graduates to be brand ambassadors in New York, Chicago, Texas and San Francisco, and Eimear got the job in New York.