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Even the AA's Conor suffers crash

AA Roadwatch's Conor Faughnan had a lucky escape when his car crashed into a kerb near TV3 headquarters in the treacherous driving conditions.

Conor, who is the voice of reason for Irish drivers, issuing warnings about driving slowly in the current icy conditions, says he was "crawling" along into a car park in South Dublin when the incident happened yesterday morning.

He told the Herald: "I hit the kerb at around 6.45am yesterday morning. It happened in Ballymount Industrial estate when I was on my way to TV3. I was crawling around at about five kilometres per hour and the car went straight onto the kerb.

"There was nothing I could do about it. I don't think I've done any damage. There was a message on the car yesterday that there was a steering fault and I got it checked out with an engineer who told me to check the alignment on it," he insisted.

Conor's luxury car was not superficially damaged in the incident, and he said the car park he was entering was empty.

"It was very, very small and it was like I was watching it in slow motion. I turned the wheel to go into the car park but the car didn't turn at all and it slid down a camber on the road."

"If I was holding a cup of coffee it wouldn't have spilled."

However, the early morning tip demonstrated first hand to Conor exactly how treacherous the roads are in the Big Freeze.

"I had quite a day of it yesterday, I almost ran out of petrol because it took me two hours to get to the Dropping Well in Milltown from RTE.

"I was out and about all day yesterday in the thick of it, and I just saw cars that were actually stationary, and then all of a sudden they would start to move backwards."

The AA Roadwatch spokesperson is thankful that it was a slow-motion tip, which he says has been a common occurrence over the past few days, even though motorists are driving carefully.

"I'm very thankful that I was barely moving. If I was moving at any speed at all -- I wouldn't have had a hope."