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Even his own management found Prince a bit difficult

POP star Prince was "one of the least clear people" his management company had ever dealt with, the Commercial Court has been told.

Marc Geiger, executive with William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WMEE) contemporary music division, said Prince was a "very special" individual who "changes often".

The singer was "mercurial" and instructed WMEE to communicate with him only through his personal assistant, Mr Geiger said.

The court heard less than two weeks before the cancelled June 16, 2008, concert in Croke Park, Prince told his agents he only expected to do the Dublin concert if it was part of a series in Europe, not a one-off gig.

Mr Geiger said Prince told him: "You know I don't work like that."


He and his colleague Keith Sarkisian attended a meeting with Prince on June 3, 2008, when they were "advised" the artist would not be performing at Croke Park.

WMEE believed Prince had confirmed in late February 2008 his intention to play Dublin, Mr Geiger said.

But Prince accused them of not getting him any offers of other European shows. Mr Geiger said he told the artist this was "patently untrue".

He said they had come to him with an offer of seven European performances worth €16m, and that Dublin had been confirmed. He said they walked him through options on the effect of a cancellation. The meeting ended in what was described as a "terse fashion".

The court was told that the previous year, a proposal was put forward for Prince to play a European tour and that the artist had requested the agency "make this happen".

Mr Geiger, under cross-examination by Paul Screenan, for Prince, said "no specific perimeters" were laid down over "one-off gigs or not".

The agency was working to secure the most amount of money possible, and that Prince was expected to net between €1.1m and €1.8m to play Dublin.

Mr Geiger said no attempt was made to "see what would happen" if Prince rejected the offers after the Dublin performance was booked.

But, he said, Prince "often" played one-off performances.

No "specific" reason was given to the agency for why Prince wished to cancel.

MCD, owner by promoter Denis Desmond, is suing for €1.7m in compensation against Prince and his agents WMEE.