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Eurosong's Patricia leaves mugger 
singing the blues

Eurosong star Patricia Roe has revealed how she was robbed on the first day of her new store opening.

But the brave singer (47), decided to tackle one of her assailants and punched him in the head with such force that she managed to get her handbag back.

She fulfilled a lifelong dream after opening up an holistic centre called Inspire in Naas last Saturday.

But the Kildare native wasn't open long before being targeted by two guys in their mid 20s with Eastern European accents acting suspiciously as she worked on her own.

"They started looking around and asking me the prices of different things that were clearly marked. Then they left and then came back 20 minutes later," she said. "One of them picked up a statue and said, 'I'd like to buy that, do you accept credit cards?'


"I told him our machine wasn't up and running yet so it would have to be cash. He then said, 'Where's the nearest ATM then?'

"So I stepped out from behind the counter to show him. The next thing, the other guy goes behind the counter and took my bag and phone. He tried to run off with it and all I could think was: 'That has everything in it, my whole life'."

Patricia, whose sister is PR queen Valerie Roe, said she barely thought about what she did next after instinct kicked in.

"I grabbed the two handles with my left hand and he spun around really aggressively and I remember thinking 'he's going to kill me.' So I punched him really hard on the side of the head with a closed fist and he let go of the bag and ran off. I actually chased after him as he had my new iPhone 5 in his other hand but I had these really high wedges on so I didn't get very far."

The Reiki practitioner said her reaction was "very out of character" but she had been having a bad weekend, having been clamped twice in 24 hours.

"It's very unlike me to do something like that, but I was already upset about the clamping and then to see what was left of my wage packet going out under his arm just got me even more furious," she continued.

"It was a stupid thing to do but absolute fury just kicks in and it's all pure instinct then. I'd say it hurt him as I've blue knuckles now where I hit him."

However, she's determined not to let the incident deter her from running her new business. "The worst thing you can do is hold on to something like that," she said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the gardai at Naas.