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Eugene's death was like Phyllis', say sisters

The family of a cancer sufferer who died after a senseless assault in Dublin last month said the death of Eugene Moloney has "brought back shocking reminders" for them.

Phyllis Black (51) was socialising with her sister Emily and friends when she was punched in the back of the head in an unprovoked attack on May 19.

She was pushed by a woman outside a takeaway on Parnell Street at around 3am and hit her head when she fell to the ground.

Phyllis was treated in hospital but was found dead beside her bed in Liberty House the next day.

"It's terrible. You can't go out in this city any more because you just don't know who you'll meet," Phyllis's sister Emily said.


Still grieving for Phyllis, who had been suffering from breast cancer, Emily and Phyllis' other sister Audrey said their "hearts go out" to the family of Eugene.

"Like Phyllis, he was just minding his own business making his way home after a night out with friends," said Audrey.

"There's no knowing where trouble will come from."

"We've been living here all our lives, you think you're safe on the streets you know, but like that chap at the weekend.

"You can be killed on your own streets."

"Young people just seem to go wild, and their parents don't know what they get up to," said Emily.

"And it's people from all walks of life too, it's not always drug addicts or street people."

The Black sisters wanted to send a message of condolence to Eugene Moloney's family.

"Lord have mercy on them, we know what they are going through," said Emily.

"We're still trying to get over it, and it gets harder, not easier," said Audrey.

Gardai have questioned a young woman who voluntarily entered Store Street Garda Station following a heartfelt appeal by the Black family in relation to their sister's death.

Sources say the woman gave a "full and frank" statement to gardai in which she admitted her involvement in the row which resulted in Phyllis being knocked to the ground.