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Escape route that ended in tragedy

The lengths to which desperate people will go to escape their own countries were highlighted by a tragedy that shocked this country ten years ago.

Eight people -- four children and four adults -- died inside a sealed container which was discovered in Co Wexford in December 2001 (pictured right).

The Turkish people inside were believed to have paid around €5,000 per family to an illegal trafficker from a Kosovar Albanian gang to get them into Britain through Rosslare.

But the container became their tomb. Eight of the 13 occupants suffocated at some point during the two and a half days they were locked inside.

While this case refers to the smuggling of foreign nationals, experts believe that many victims of human trafficking voluntarily choose to leave their country in hope of a better life, but tragically end up being exploited by the person who helped them initially.

Human trafficking expert Detective Inspector John O'Reilly told the Herald that traffickers, pimps and procurers see their victims' lives as cheap and disposable.

While they do not act on their threats as long as victims cooperate and remain under their control, ruthless criminals would not hesitate to torture or kill those who escape them, as well as their victims' families, to obtain compliance.