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ESB mountain music celebration is electric

THE ESB has celebrated 40 years of one of its greatest achievements with a musical event inside a Co Wicklow mountain.

The bash took place in the caverns of Turlough Hill last night with a host of music performances to celebrate the anniversary of the commissioning of the revolutionary hydro-electric power station.


Wicklow Choral Society and the Clare Memory Orchestra entertained guests at the James Bond-style event.

Traditional musicians Denis Cahill and Martin Hayes also performed for party-goers.

Guest of honour Turlough 
O'Riordan flew in from Norway 
especially for the event which kicked off in the early evening. The Norway-based man is the son of the former Deputy Chief Civil Engineer Dermot O'Riordan, who pushed for the development of the station.

The engineer named the site 
after his son in 1974 and last night 
Turlough returned home to celebrate his father's 
legacy. A spokeswoman for the ESB told The Herald that the late engineer was a leader and a visionary in his chosen field.

The location for the party is a facility that allows the ESB to both create and store energy.

"The centre really provides what is considered the holy grail of the energy sector," she said. A host of other guests joined the plant's namesake to celebrate, 
including staff who worked on the site 40 years ago.


The party was the first in a string of summer events to be hosted by the electricity supplier to celebrate the commission of the storage pump.

To continue celebrations, free tours of the expansive 
facility are also 
being offered to the public. Visitors can walk through the 1.5km tunnel to the Hydro-Control centre, which is housed deep in the Wicklow Mountains.