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Erin seemed fine just hours before her suicide -- mum

THE doctor who pronounced tragic Erin Gallagher dead at her home has today described the death as the "most heartbreaking case" he has ever seen. Former Government minister Dr Jim McDaid has told of his "absolute shock" at seeing the teen's body at the family home in Donegal on Saturday.

Erin's heartbroken family were today trying to come to terms with her death -- which happened less than two weeks before her 14th birthday.

Her body was found on the stairs of her home in Ballybofey, Co Donegal on Saturday.


And the doctor who pronounced Erin dead, ex-TD Jim McDaid, has spoken of his utter shock at Erin's death.

He told the Herald: "I have dealt with some very sad cases but this is the worst and most heartbreaking I've ever seen.

"My heart goes out to that family, it was devastating to see how they reacted to the death of wee Erin."

The GP said that Erin's four-year-old brother was in the home when she took her life.

"She must have been so desperate that she didn't take that (the presence of her brother) into consideration," he said.

"I really hope the gardai investigate this and in as much as they can the people who were bullying her."

The comments come as gardai step up their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the teen's death.

Erin's devastated mother Lorraine Gallagher (36) said that her daughter had seemed "fine" on Friday night when they shared a takeaway together.

"We had a takeaway and some sweets and she seemed fine," she said.

"The bullying had been really bad, but it seemed like she was getting better.

"It had been going on since the summer but got much worse when she got back to school. She was bullied in school, on Facebook and through messages on her phone.

"I spoke to the school to get their help."

And the heartbroken mother claimed that she had made direct contact with gardai about her daughter's bullying as far back as August.

"They said if there was no proof or if she wasn't being physically touched by the bullies, there was nothing they could do," she said

The Gallagher family are preparing to bury Erin tomorrow, after what is expected to be an emotional funeral Mass.

Her death comes six weeks after another teen, 15-year-old Ciara Pugsley, took her life after being bullied in Co Leitrim.

Both teenagers had been targeted on controversial social networking site Ask.fm.

Parents and pupils yesterday spent two hours at Finn Valley where nine health professionals, including psychologists, were on hand to provide advice and counselling.

School principal Frank Dooley said the 300-pupil school had implemented a critical incident management plan on Saturday night as soon as he had learned of Erin's death.

"We are extremely upset," said Mr Dooley.

"I would urge parents to monitor what their children are doing on the internet," he said.

"They should counsel children about what Chinese whispers are and that when messages are passed on they get corrupted, they get changed and they become a lie and they spread much more quickly now through social media."