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Era of the showbands gets stamp of approval

The glory days of the showband scene are to be immortalised on four commemorative stamps.

Stars of the era to be featured included Joe Dolan and his brother Ben in The Drifters, The Miami with Dickie Rock, The Freshmen, who wrote their own hits, and The Royal who went on to play in Las Vegas.

The set of stamps remembers the 1950s to the early 70s when Irish showbands ruled the domestic music scene.

Barney Whelan, of An Post, said the stamps showed the high esteem people still hold the showbands in. "Irish stamps speak volumes about the high regard in which their subject is held," he said.

"As these new stamps travel on letters and parcels throughout this island and abroad, they carry with them our pride, respect, fondness and admiration for the showband era as whole; and for all those individuals and groups who made it so very special."