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Epilepsy sufferers 'scared to leave home'

People with epilepsy are reluctant to leave the house fearing they will be laughed at, mugged or even filmed while having a seizure, a study has found.

Commissioned by the charity Quarriers, which works with people with disabilities, the survey sheds light on the discrimination faced by people living with the most common neurological conditions.

Almost two-thirds of the 505 people interviewed said they worry about what passers-by would do if they had a seizure.

Sara Brannan, from Glasgow, is an outpatient at the charity's Scottish Epilepsy Centre. She said: "I was lying unconscious during a seizure with my shopping bags on the ground.

"A man, who I now think may have been a drug addict, must have spotted an opportunity. He told the gathering crowd I was his girlfriend and had overdosed. He took my money and my shopping bags."