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Enniskillen to honour victims

RELATIVES of 11 people killed in an IRA Poppy Day bomb in Enniskillen will gather to mark the 25th anniversary of the attack today.

A special memorial service is being held for survivors and relatives of those who died in the town in Co Fermanagh.

Eleven people were killed and 63 others injured in the no-warning bomb attack on November 8, 1987.

A 12th victim, school principal Ronnie Hill, spent 13 years in a coma and died in 2000.

No one has been convicted in connection with the blast at the town's cenotaph shortly before a Remembrance Sunday ceremony. However, a new file on the bombing is to be handed to police.

Sack for boss in Sandy row

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has sacked his emergency management chief for diverting crews to remove a tree from his driveway during superstorm Sandy.

Director of emergency management Steven Kuhr was fired after the governor was told that he called a Suffolk County crew to remove a felled tree from his driveway on Long Island.

Croc on run is netted by cops

Gaza policemen have captured a crocodile that has been on the run since fleeing a zoo two years ago.

Lt Col Samih al-Sultan said police have been chasing the 5ft 9in creature for weeks after he was spotted in a sewage pond. They finally caught the croc by entangling him in shark nets, and he was returned to the zoo.

The crocodile was originally brought into the blockaded Gaza Strip through a smuggling tunnel linking the territory to neighbouring Egypt.

Screen debut for Pi classic

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee said he worked hard during the four years of shooting on Life Of Pi to give the $100m art house film a general appeal.

The movie, based on Yann Martel's book, stars Indian Suraj Sharma as a boy who drifts on the open sea with a Bengal tiger and a hyena after a ship carrying the rest of his family sinks. The film will open in the US on November 21.