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Enjoy the sun -- rain is coming

ENJOY the autumn sunshine before it's washed away.

After the downpours that brought the capital to a standstill in late October, the recent dry and sunny weather has been a pleasant surprise.

But Met Eireann says that the status quo will be restored before long. Wet weather is on its way, starting tomorrow but developing into persistent showers on Wednesday.

The sunshine which has brought people out to Dublin's parks continued today.

Following a frosty night, a clear and crisp day with cloudless skies developed.

However, forecasters say tomorrow will be mostly cloudy, with some showery rain in parts.

Scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle are to push up from Munster tomorrow night.

Met Eireann says occasional rain and drizzle on Wednesday will turn heavy and persistent later in the day.

Early indications suggest unsettled conditions for the weekend, with outbreaks of heavy rain.