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Enjoy breakfast at the bar while watching World Cup

Dublin publicans have vowed to pull out all the stops to accommodate fans for the Rugby World Cup.

Supporters can expect rugby breakfasts from 6am as Ireland's first game, against the USA starts at 7am on Sunday.

For fans in search of early morning booze, some pubs will be serving alcoholic drinks from as early as 7am during the weekday matches.

Hugh Hourican, owner of the Boar's Head pub, Capel Street, said he is one of the lucky pub owners with an early morning licence that allows him to serve alcohol from 7am on weekdays and from lunchtime on Sundays. "We've had a massive response from people wondering if the pub will be open during the early morning matches," Hugh said.

"We'll be offering breakfast and coffee, and for those interested there will also be alcohol served early on weekdays."

However, Hugh said supporters hoping to be served alcohol during the Ireland v USA game on September 11 will not be served until lunchtime.

"The licence only allows us to serve alcohol at lunchtime on a Sunday, but people are more than welcome to come in for an early morning breakfast."

Pub managers throughout the capital have told how they have already received a "massive amount" of bookings for the early morning games.

Sinnotts Bar manager Martin Harridge said due to phenomenal demand, the pub has had to reserve tables for eager tourists hoping to watch the Ireland games.

"We wouldn't normally allow reservations, but we have a lot of tourists calling us, particularly Americans, looking to book a place.

"The pub will have four projectors to show the games, but we won't be serving alcohol too early," he said.

Alex Cordero, manager at Slattery's pub, Grand Canal Street, has urged the public to sign up for the Slattery Rugby World Club membership.

He said some of the early morning games will only be available for regulars with club membership.

"We'll be opening from as early as six in the morning for locals. It's not really about the alcohol for us -- it's more about the atmosphere and creating a real and welcoming experience for anybody who is interested."

Alex said Slattery's will also have a comedian on hand to keep crowds entertained.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Licensed Vintners Association has advised publicans to contact a solicitor to explore pub opening hours.

"We have 700 members but not all of them are entitled to serve alcohol in the early hours of the morning. We would advise pub owners to consult with a solicitor and local authorities to seek out their necessary requirements," the spokesperson said.