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Engagement ring, €4,500 and a kitten found in bins

AN engagement ring, Christmas presents and even a kitten are among the strange items that have been discovered in Dublin's recycling bins.

Greyhound Recycling has revealed how a live kitten, found in a bin, was almost "bailed" in a recycling machine.

But luckily the feline lived for another day and was adopted by a member of the company's staff, who called him Bailim.

A large range of Christmas presents were also found at the recycling depot, which may have been hidden in a bin as a surprise but never collected.

One person accidentally threw €4,500 into the trash, while a working hearing aid was also dumped. Neither of the owners could be found.

But while some of the items found in Ireland were strange, items found by Greyhound in Britain were even more bizarre.

These included an urn containing ashes, a wedding dress, engagement ring and complete wedding cake and a consignment of 10,000 unused but out-of-date condoms.

Greyhound Recycling compiled the list to launch a search for Dublin's recycling champion.

Over the coming months, nominated households will have their bins assessed to establish the success or failure of their recycling techniques.

The eventual winner will receive a prize of €1,000.

"The recycling habits of Irish households has improved dramatically in recent years," Greyhound chief, Michael Buckley, said.

"However, more recycling is required if we are to meet EU waste directives," he added.


"This competition is designed to increase awareness of the need for households to segregate their waste carefully.

"Hopefully, we can have some fun with the competition too."

At this early stage, Dublin's northside appears to have the upper hand.

A recent survey showed that the three best areas for both green and brown bin usage were all located on the northside, while the worst performing area for green bin recycling was Dublin 4.