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Energy: Airtricity joins gas prices war

THE battle for electricity customers has been turned up another notch by Airtricity who are offering a 20pc discount on domestic gas supplies.

Consumers are set to be the big winners as the energy companies fight for business heading into the winter months.

Airtricity is offering the discount to householders who switch their electricity supply to the company. It was already offering a 10pc discount on the gas charged by semi-State supplier Bord Gais for those who switch to it for both gas and electricity.

The lesser known company was also undercutting the ESB electricity tariff by 13pc.

However, Airtricity has now decided to cut the discount on ESB's prices to 6pc, in order to double the discount it offers on gas.

The announcement came as the company unveiled former Republic of Ireland soccer manager Jack Charlton as part of its marketing campaign.

Yesterday the company claimed that the average family which uses both gas and electricity could make savings of around €234 a year if they switched to Airtricity.

Since the break-up of ESB's monopoly, more than 600,000 people have switched suppliers. Bord Gais offers up to 14pc off the ESB tariff for those who buy gas and electricity and sign up for a direct debit.

Irish-owned gas supplier Flogas, which is owned by stock market quoted DCC, offers an 11pc discount on Bord Gais's gas prices.