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Enda's girl hasn't got dad's knack at winning elections

SHE might be 'daddy's girl' but it appears that Enda Kenny's daughter hasn't inherited his electoral touch.

Aoibhinn Ni Chionnaith - the Taoiseach's only daughter - has lost out in a vote at her university.

And her father might be a little perturbed by her election manifesto which jokingly says she comes from a "completely apolitical family".

With the student electorate in mind, she added that while her famous dad is known for his moderate consumption, she is "best known for her ability to drink any lad under the table and to skull a pint in 0.02 seconds".


The UCD student had hoped to be the college's new Irish language officer but fell just short after a recount.

However, sources say Aoibhinn, who stood proudly by her father's side as he voted in last year's general election, ran an extremely strong campaign given that she is a first-year student.

A tense vote went to several recounts after only a few ballots split Aoibhinn and her nearest rival Gabhan O Briain.

Overall 1,598 students cast their votes with 704 to the Mayo girl and 713 to eventual winner Mr O Briain.

If elected, Aoibhinn had planned to introduce an Irish cocktail to the UCD student bar and host a St Patrick's Day parade on the university campus.

A spokesperson for UCD students' union noted that the position was a part-time unpaid role for which an election is held every year.