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Enda Kenny and John Boehner teed off as Greek collapse unfolded


Enda and Boehner on Lahinch course

Enda and Boehner on Lahinch course

Enda and Boehner on Lahinch course

AS the cash-strapped and struggling people of Greece went to the polls to decide on their future, the Taoiseach downed tools, picked up his golf clubs and took to the fairways and greens at Lahinch Golf Club.

Enda Kenny was in good company too as he was joined on the 18-hole course by one of the United States' most important politicians - the Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner.

The duo were greeted at the Clare course on Sunday by the club's officers before they took to the lush links greens which were bathed in sunshine.

"It was a private visit. They played 18 holes in the glorious sunshine and a had a ball. They really enjoyed it," general manager Paddy Keane told the Herald last night, adding there was no clear winner in the USA v Ireland encounter.

"It was just a friendly game of golf," he added.


Mr Kenny has played in Lahinch before but it was Mr Boehner's first time.

The Republican paid a brief visit to Ireland after a week of talks with European states.

The Taoiseach was also on his travels recently, having attended key discussion in Brussels ahead of the vote.

However, despite their busy schedules, both Mr Boehner and Mr Kenny arrived at the course in professional attire and used their own clubs during the three-hour and 20 minute round.

"They used all their own equipment," Mr Keane said.

He stressed the course remained open to members at all times on Sunday, despite the high-profile visitors on the fairways.

"There were a few people out in the afternoon and they talked to everyone and took photographs for anyone who wanted one. It was all very relaxing."

The pair also enjoyed some lunch before Mr Boehner flew back to the US.