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End this madness now, says Breen

Cycling 'loolahs' were taking control of the city and should be stopped, Cllr Gerry Breen claimed today.

Cycling extremists had taken centre stage and "their unstated aim seems to be removing all car traffic from the city". Calling the move a health and safety issue was rubbish, he said. "Anything can be pushed under that heading. If we all stayed in bed there would be no car accidents and we'd all die of obesity and boredom," he quipped.

"You need a bit of sense. Hearses would travel faster than that," said Cllr Breen who has pledged to fight to have the decision reversed.

"I am incensed. We have to be sensible as councillors. Sometimes the best thing is to do nothing. If you can't improve something leave it alone."

The Fine Gael group had been unsuccessful in tabling a motion to have the decision overturned but now Cllr Bill Tormey is seeking to have standing orders suspended at the March 1 meeting of the council to reintroduce the motion against the go-slow zone.

He also said that for gardai policing the zone it would be "like shooting fish in a barrel".