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End of the road as iconic shop faces vinyl curtain

A landmark Dublin music store favoured by stars Glen Hansard and Josh Ritter will close its doors next week.

Road Records has become the latest victim of the recession, and will shut after 13 years in business. The shop, at Fade Street, off Georges Street, will close next Saturday.

Owner Dave Kennedy told the Herald the decision to close was made after the recession had left the shop struggling for the past two years.

"We made the decision about two weeks ago," Dave said.

"I genuinely don't know what we'll be doing now, none of the staff have any plans either, one of them is still in college."

He said the loss of another independent record shop would be devastating for Irish indie bands.

"I think it's going to be horrible. I don't think anybody else is catering for that kind of thing, so unknown bands are really going to struggle," Dave told the Herald.


He and his partner, Julie Collins, have always lent their support to new bands by distributing their records and also by running their own label for five years.

The couple released singles of new acts that they liked on their Road Relish label, encouraging many musicians who would not have found backers otherwise.

They had initially decided to close two years ago but won a respite when 30 generous customers donated €1,000 each.

But with times getting even tougher they have now finally decided to shut their doors for good.

"With debts beginning to build again Julie and myself have finally decided that we cannot take any more risks personally and before things get any worse we will have to finally walk away from the shop for the last time," Dave wrote on his website.

He said that Road's loyal customers had been very supportive since they had made their decision public.

Everything in the shop goes on sale from today until doors close in a week's time.