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THE overwhelming majority of Irish workers would welcome the opportunity to move abroad for better employment, a new survey has found.

Employment law consultancy Peninsula Ireland's research shows that three out of four Irish employees are not happy in their current job.

Over 54pc are looking for alternative jobs while working, while 85pc said they would welcome a job opportunity abroad.

The survey questioned 943 employees from a wide variety of industries during the period June 4 to June 29 last.

The entrepreneurial attitude is alive and well in Ireland as, although the majority would relish a management position, more than 30pc would like to set up their own business.

However, Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Ireland, said employees should realise that they are in a privileged position to have a job at the moment.

"Employees should be happy to have a job in this tough economic climate," he said. "Irish employees seem to be under the impression that the grass is greener elsewhere and would like the challenge of a new job.

"Employees shouldn't suffer in silence and, if they have a problem, it is best to speak to their managers to try and improve their situation," he said.