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Emotional return to Kenya for Dublin woman

A documentary team has followed a Dublin-based Kenyan girl as she returns to visit her own Masai tribe, taking a Kerry friend along for the journey.

The first episode in a new travel series features Nai Lemorshira (20) and her college friend, John O'Dowd who travel to Kenya to meet her family and friends.

Nai, whose father works in the Kenyan Embassy, studies in Dublin City University (DCU) and agreed to take part in the new series of RTE's Welcome to My World.

Although Nai lives here with her father, her mother, sister and brother all live in the nation's capital Nairobi.

The student introduces John to the traditions of her people with their colourful costumes, the music, the milking of the goats by hand and the importance of the extended family.

After the family reunion, Nai and John visit one of the city's dumps where young children work scavenging for useable rubbish and the pair witness passing herds of elephants.

John revealed that he was overwhelmed by the warm welcome he received from Nai's extended family before travelling onto the traditional Masai village of Imbilin, where Nai grew up.

The episode is the first in a four-part travel series featuring immigrants to Ireland who invite an Irish friend to their homeland to contrast the two cultures.

In the last series, Dubliner Melanie Duffy accompanied her step-mother Maria Angolo, to her homeland, Namibia.

Maria was once a freedom fighter under the apartheid regime and left home aged under 16, telling her mother she'd be back in time for tea -- but didn't return for nearly 20 years.

The journey gave Melanie real insight into what life was like growing up under the oppression and was welcomed by Maria's family and friends in the township of Swakopmund.

This year, the production team at Loosehorse have lined up a former Uruguayan boy band member who is working as a teacher in Galway and there'll also be a visit to India.

The thought-provoking series was nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award in 2009 for Best Factual programme.

Nai's episode will be broadcast on February 26 at 7.30pm