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Emma's a real savvy US mom

Former TV3 presenter Emma Buckley has taken the US by storm since landing a job as host of her own show stateside.

The Compton model has spent more than four years cultivating a television career in the States, working with some of the biggest networks in the country -- including HBO and CBS -- but is slowly becoming a household name as host of Real Savvy Moms.

Since splitting with her husband, Olympic sailor Fraser Brown, she has been playing the role of working single mother to her son, Jackson (2).

Her show is now entering its fifth season and has become a respected source of information for mothers.

"I've been working with the show for the past two years now, I moved to LA first about four and a half years ago, but that took its toll," she told the Herald.

"I originally met with the producers of the show in LA a few years ago, but I wasn't a mom at the time which is a requirement to be one of the hosts. So when I found out I was pregnant, I called them immediately and I moved to New York.

"I started the show officially when my son was six months old and it was a nice transition back to work. It wasn't the kind of job where I had to pretend that I didn't have this whole other life as a mother," she said.

And her son Jackson is fast stealing the limelight, making regular appearances on the show.

"He's never far from the show anyway. I always refer to him and talk about him. I don't try to take him to work with me all the time because I need to get work done when I'm here. But when we need a toddler to run through a shot, he's great to have around," she joked.

"He's just the best, he's such a little character. He was born in LA so he's a California baby, but now he's a New Yorker," she said.

"I do miss home a lot. I miss my family and friends, especially my friend Julie. I love it here though. I have great friends here and I'm very blessed in that sense. For relatively new relationships, they are very solid, and I'm very fortunate for that."

The upcoming fifth season of Real Savvy Moms will feature contributions from some of Hollywood's best known mums, including actress Jenny McCarthy.