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Emergency on Ryanair plane €13m to entice Brits on holiday

A RYANAIR plane was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after take off from an airport in Liverpool over fears of a fire on board.

Six crew and 116 passengers used emergency chutes to leave the Boeing 737 which made a U-turn around 30 minutes into its journey to Agadir, Morocco, before heading back to Merseyside.

A warning light had activated in the cockpit of the plane but Ryanair engineers said that there was no evidence of any fire and blamed the alert on a faulty fire indicator light.

The airport was closed for about an hour. No one was injured.

€13m to entice Brits on holiday

Tourism Ireland will spend €13m enticing British tourists this year after the numbers visiting here fell by 15pc in 2009.

The number of people arriving in Ireland from Britain dropped by 276,600.

Tourism Ireland will begin TV campaigns to market Ireland as a cheap place to visit in the slump.

"There'll be a new focus on value for money, and we'll be running price-led promotion campaigns on a huge number of offers," said a spokesman.

"We'll be running a price-led TV campaign in January on Channel 4 and some Sky channels, so it's not just going to be us saying come to Ireland and look at the beautiful views."

Britain is the largest single tourism market travelling to Ireland.