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Embarrassment for Aras hopefuls Mitchell and Davis as they unveil identical slogans

Is this a case of great minds thinking alike?

Presidential hopefuls Gay Mitchell and Mary Davis have been left red faced after unveiling identical campaign slogans.

Both candidates today claimed ownership over the disputed slogan -- 'Pride At Home Respect Abroad'.

The Davis campaign unveiled its posters in Dublin yesterday, which show the candidate wearing a bright red suit.

And although Gay Mitchell's posters are yet to be unveiled, his spokesperson also claimed they were the first to come up with the phrase.

The only difference between the two slogans is the full stop used by the Davis camp.

Speaking to the Herald today, Ms Davis said her campaign team came up with the slogan in May and it is "exactly what we stand for".

"I certainly have no intention of changing the slogan. What Fine Gael do is up to them. I don't think they stole it, I think it's merely a coincidence."

Mr Mitchell's campaign director, Charlie Flanagan TD, described the mix up as a "bizarre coincidence" but maintained that it is a Fine Gael slogan.

"It's our slogan. The literature is in the public domain for some time now. The slogan, 'Pride at home, respect abroad' has appeared on election literature and paraphernalia for weeks. I'd be surprised to see it feature in another candidate's material."

Meanwhile, Ms Davis has received a healthy boost in support according to the findings of the latest opinion poll.

With just seven weeks to go until polling day, a new Red C Poll for Paddy Power shows her support increasing from 15pc to 19pc.

Although Mitchell's support dropped one point to 24pc, Fine Gael sources say they believe he is maintaining a strong support base.

Labour's Michael D Higgins is still the front runner, securing 36pc of first preference votes.

But Independent candidate Sean Gallagher is also remaining steady on 21pc.