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ELO star is killed as giant hay bale crushes his van

A founding member of rock group Electric Light Orchestra was killed when a giant bale of hay tumbled down a hill and crashed on to his van.

Cellist Mike Edwards (62) died after the 94-stone (600kg) bale careered down the side of a steep field before it smashed through a hedge and on to the road. He died instantly.

Police in the UK are now investigating whether the bale may have fallen from a tractor working on farmland.

They believe the musician was killed after the loose bale gathered momentum as it rolled down the hill before landing on the front cab of his white van in Totnes, Devon.

He is understood to have swerved into a similar vehicle as he was struck, at around 12.30pm.

The second driver was unhurt in the collision.

A police spokesman said: "This was a tragic accident and we have now identified the victim as Michael Edwards, a founder member of ELO.

"We have used photographs and YouTube footage to identify him but we now need help contacting his family for formal identification.


"We don't believe he was ever married and we have identified an ex-girlfriend but she is currently abroad."

The musician is understood to have no immediate family, but police were hoping to contact a man named David in the Yorkshire area who may be Mr Edward's brother.