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Election over... but posters remain up past deadline

A number of election posters were still littering Dublin lampposts early today, despite the deadline for taking them down having passed.

Candidates had until midnight last night to remove all their posters, or face a possible fine under the Litter Pollution Act -- a whopping €150 per poster.

Our photographer snapped four of the Green's posters in a single frame on the city's northside early today. Posters for failed Fianna Fail candidates Dara O'Brien and Michael Kennedy were also still hanging in the capital.

Many members of the likely Fine Gael-Labour coalition were still evident.

One onlooker said that posters of Labour TD Joe Costello were "everywhere" on the North Strand this morning.

One of the most photographed candidates, Dylan Haskins, could also be facing a large bill for failing to remove his posters from the Quays. His campaign which ran under the slogan 'It Starts Here' ended abruptly with the candidate (23) polling fewer than 1,400 first preference votes.