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Elaine tells of her kiss turn offs

TV3 stunner Elaine Crowley has revealed her secret kissing habits.

Elaine (36) is single but she said on dates she never knows when to expect a man to make a move.

"I never know that's happening until someone lobs the gob - by then it's too late," she joked.

As a teen the well-behaved star said she never played spin-the-bottle but her first experience with French kissing was with a French boy on a boat when she was 14.

For anyone hoping to pucker up with the Midday anchor they have been duly warned that she does not take kindly to over-enthusiasm.

"Saliva… yucky slurpy saliva dripping everywhere," is her biggest pet peeve.

"I want it to be really intimate and playful," she revealed as part of the KissForCrumlin campaign.

And the brunette beauty admits that she doesn't feel pressured to find a man.

"If the right person came along then yeah, I mean who wouldn't - but I suppose I'm cynical. I'm a bit scared of that sort of thing because I've seen so many people get hurt," she admitted.