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Eight years for rapper Tru Life US man drank victim's blood New dinosaur bone found Police destroy poppy fields

A rapper once promoted as a rising star has been sentenced to eight years in prison for taking part in a deadly attack.

Tru Life, born Robert Rosado, didn't speak yesterday as he was sentenced alongside older brother Marcus Rosado, who admitted stabbing Christopher Guerrero to death and wounding another man in a June 2009 fight that involved both brothers.

Marcus Rosado (39) pleaded guilty last month to manslaughter and got a 10-year sentence. Tru Life (34) had pleaded guilty to gang assault.

US man drank victim's blood

A Florida man accused of killing his flatmate and drinking the man's blood has been sentenced to 20 years.

As part of a deal with prosecutors, 43-year-old Mauricio Lopez pleaded no contest to second-degree murder.

Lopez fatally stabbed Macario Cruz (32) in August 2010. Authorities say Lopez drank a cup of Mr Cruz's blood as part of a ritual.

New dinosaur bone found

Scientists say they have discovered the first fossil of a dinosaur in Angola.

The international team that found and identified the fossilised forelimb bone say it is from a previously unknown dinosaur.

They describe a long-necked, plant-eating sauropod, among the largest creatures ever to have walked the earth.

The fossil was found along with fish and shark teeth in what would have been a sea bed 90 million years ago.

Police destroy poppy fields

Guatemalan police said they have destroyed about 320 acres of opium poppies near the country's border with Mexico.

Locals in western San Marcos province resisted the eradication raid and threw rocks at police squads and soldiers, according to a police spokesman.

The Guatemalan government has launched a plan to help farmers switch to potatoes and other legal crops.

The raid was supported by helicopters provided by the US. The area is remote and poorly patrolled, and Mexican drug cartels have made inroads there.