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Eight quizzed over knife death are freed by gardai

EIGHT people have been released without charge after the vicious knife killing of a 32-year-old man on Sunday night.

Kevin Kenny was stabbed to death at Sarsfield Road, Ballyfermot, just before 9.30pm.

Gardai arrested four men and four women in the aftermath of the murder. Six of those were released last night and two were set free by gardai today. Investigations in the case will continue. The murder of Mr Kenny, a talented footballer and electrician, is the second terrible tragedy to affect the Kenny family of O'Hogan Road, Ballyfermot. In May, 2005, Kevin's younger brother Martin (22) was shot dead as he lay in bed with his girlfriend.

Local sources say that the family "are hugely decent and respectable people" and that Kevin "was a very popular young man".

Kevin's father told the Herald this morning that they still hadn't got over the shock of their son Martin's murder in 2005 and now they have to deal with the loss of another son.

"It's just frightening to think that this could happen to us again. We were still getting over the shock of Martin being killed, and now this," said Kevin senior.


"It was all over some stupid row in the pub. There was some sort of word exchanged and then there were some lads threatening to come back shooting," he explained. "It was a stupid row and now Kevin is gone."

Yesterday, the Herald revealed that Mr Kenny survived an assassination attempt when he was driving notorious crime figure Mark 'The Guinea Pig' Desmond in July 2006.

Mr Kenny and Desmond were targeted in a drive-by shooting by members of the 'King Ratt' drugs gang.

The double murder attempt failed when the gunman's weapon jammed.

Desmond was shot once in the arm and Mr Kenny was shot in the backside before the gun failed to fire.

Kevin Snr was anxious to stress that his son Kevin was not involved in crime, and that his connections with Ballyfermot man Desmond ended the night they were targeted.

"Kevin had no dealings with Desmond since that incident. It ended there and then. It was a lesson learned as far as Kevin was concerned," he said.

"Kevin was a hard working electrician. He was working right up to the day he was attacked."

At the scene where Kevin collapsed, his girlfriend Jenny left a poignant tribute and photograph to him.

"Kevin my soulmate. Someone stole you away and my future means nothing to me without you in it," the card on the bouquet of flowers on the railings of Ruby Finnegan's pub reads.

"You are the love of my life. The mountains will always be ours, and you will live on in my heart forever. Your loving girlfriend Jenny."