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Editorial: Tap water would save a fortune


Chemifloc supplies materials for flouridation of water

Chemifloc supplies materials for flouridation of water

Chemifloc supplies materials for flouridation of water

Today we reveal that Dublin City Council has spent €3.5m on food and drink over the past five years.

The cash kept councillors, officials and staff supplied with bottled water and tea and coffee among several other items of expenditure.

Some of the more curious purchases were €55,900 on chocolate bars and €7,800 on sweets.

Then there was €8,200 spent on drinks for the celebrations surrounding the 150th anniversary of Dublin Fire Brigade.

The city council will always have some spending on food and drink, be it for staff or members of the public.

It insists it gets the best value for money in its spending, as is the responsibility of all state agencies.

No one would begrudge the purchase of some treats for Halloween parties for children - which was how the local authority explained some of spending.

But what about the €96,600 on bottled water? A few jugs filled from taps might help reduce that sum.


No losers in the Women's Mini Marathon

IT may have been the first day of June, but for the 30,000 participants in the VHI Women's Mini Marathon, it was like the middle of winter.

Nevertheless, the incessant rain and wind couldn't dampen the spirits and enthusiasm of all those running, jogging or walking on the streets of Dublin.

Hundreds of thousands of euro were raised for numerous charities across the country, and all can be very pleased with their efforts before and in completing the 10km.

Work for yesterday's event began last September, and more than 1,000 volunteers and stewards were involved.

Well done to all those volunteers, the organisers and those footsore but heroic runners who took part.