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Edge makes frantic dash from NY to get home for premiere of wife's new show

THE EDGE downed his Spiderman guitar for a few hours last night to jet home for the premiere of his wife's new music and dance project.

The U2 performer left rehearsals of the Broadway musical, composed by himself and Bono, to be in Dublin to catch the first performance of Cold Dream Colour, a music and dance piece created by wife Morleigh Steinberg.

The piece, inspired by the work of artist Louis le Brocquy, is a source of immense pride for The Edge.

"Morleigh really put the whole thing together, it's been a labour of love of hers now for a number of years since Louis expressed his enthusiasm for this concept of dancing to his pictures," he said.

The show, at Dun Laoghaire's Pavilion Theatre, marks le Brocquy's 94th birthday.

He is recognised as the foremost Irish artist of the 20th century.

The Edge had assisted his wife by working with her in a recording studio on the soundtrack for the piece.

Morleigh had joked that she felt like her husband's producer on the sessions.

"It was fun for him to create music without thinking 'will this be the next big single'," she said.