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Edele could win CBB ... if she avoids any drama, says Brian


Brian Dowling with Georgia Salpa

Brian Dowling with Georgia Salpa

Brian Dowling with Georgia Salpa

TV presenter Brian Dowling has said Edele Lynch will do well in Celebrity Big Brother - if she manages to avoid the drama.

The feisty B*Witched star, who recently split from hubby Michael Barrett, has already made a big impact in the house since going in over a week ago.

And former Big Brother winner Brian, who has a new game show with TV3, said the bubbly Dubliner could last the pace and even win the Channel 5 show.


That's provided Edel (34) keeps her cool while on the show, which sees her competing for air time with big personalities like reality stars Lauren Goodger and Kimberly Pratt.

"I did watch a bit of the launch show alright and Irish people generally do well on the programme," Brian told the Herald.

"We have the kind of personalities that tend to come across positively.

"Edele's a nice girl and the British public would know her already from being in B*Witched and the show she did two years ago, the Big Reunion.

"The best advice I'd give her is probably to try and avoid all the drama that goes on inside the house and also not to take the nominations too seriously or fight over stupid things like who drank all the milk. You have to remember that it's all just a game at the end of the day."

Viewers watched her finally break down this week as she talked about her marriage problems.

She poured her heart out in the Diary Room, saying: "I just want my sister, I feel like I need a big hug from someone that I love.

"I have some really serious stuff going on in my life right now, and it's not all just about having a laugh. It hurts. I guess when you get married you don't expect it to go anywhere else," she said.

Edele added that she feels that she is isolating herself from the group as she doesn't want to bring them down with her problems.

"In a way, I can feel myself skirting on the outside of everyone," she added.

Edele has hinted at problems in her eight-year marriage to Michael Barrett during her time in the house but hasn't openly talked yet about going her separate ways from her partner.


It was her twin sister Keavy who confirmed their split, shortly after Edele went into the reality show.

She said of the former couple: "They separated a while back. They are still on good terms as they'll always be a family with three beautiful children."

Keavy (34) added: "I feel sad about it but that's the way life goes sometimes."

The pair, who got married at a star-studded bash in Kinnitty Castle eight years ago, have three children together, daughters Ceol and Enya and son Harley.