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Ectopic pregnancy left star Simon's wife 'close to death'


Simon Gregson and Emma

Simon Gregson and Emma

Simon Gregson and Emma

Coronation Street's Simon Gregson has said his wife was "two hours away from death" after suffering an ectopic pregnancy.

The actor's wife, Emma, had to have an emergency operation after being rushed to hospital.

The couple, who have three sons, have suffered 12 miscarriages, but told OK! magazine they have decided not to try for more children after Emma came close to losing her life.

They discovered she had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy when she went into hospital suffering from severe stomach pains last September.

"Up to that point we didn't know I was pregnant, so it came as a double blow to us," she said.

"It was hard to get our heads around what was happening."

Emma then had to have an operation to save her life.


"The surgeons told me Emma would've died if it had been left for a few more hours," said Gregson. "She was literally two hours away from death.

"I think as Emma has come so close to death, that's it for us as far as children go.