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East Wall homes suffering 'noise pollution misery'


Local residents Tommy Byrne and Brian Mohan Picture: Tony Gavin

Local residents Tommy Byrne and Brian Mohan Picture: Tony Gavin

Local residents Tommy Byrne and Brian Mohan Picture: Tony Gavin

Residents in a Dublin suburb say they are fed up with anti-social behaviour and noise pollution from concert-goers, passing Luas trams and constructions works.

Up to 30 people living near Mayor Street Upper in East Wall claim their neighbourhood is severely suffering from services in the area.

Numerous concerts are held at the nearby 3 Arena, but members of the local community are not happy with the antics of some of those attending.

Tommy Byrne has been living in the docklands all of his life.

"I've had them in my garden, urinating, fornicating, and defecating," he told the Herald.

Mr Byrne said residents have taped their post boxes shut because of people urinating through them after leaving the 3 Arena. He says residents have also witnessed sexual acts performed on their doorstep.


"It's not all the time we get hassle with concerts, just from what I call the head banger concerts," he said.

A spokesperson for 3 Arena said the last incident they discussed with the residents was three years ago.

"We haven't had complaints from them. We've spoken to the residents before about these issues," the spokesperson said.

They added staff clean up after every show and gardai monitor people attending their concerts. The venue said they are open to discuss any issues residents may have.

Residents also say they have taken to living on one side of their house because of constant noise from the Luas and a nearby construction site.

"If you look around here now - the noise first of all from the construction, the people, the trucks, the Luas. People are trying to live here," area representative Brian Mohan said.

"There's no plan for residents and their quality of life. All these families have been ignored," he added.

Construction in the area, including two hotels, an office block, retail outlets as well as a gym, began under the North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) on the March 20, 2015.

Residents have had objections to developments in the area - including the development of a 24-hour car park for coaches - turned down.

When contacted about noise from Luas trams, Transdev said: "Luas has a good relationship with the residents in Mayor Square and hope to continue this relationship, we would like to state that Tram noise is currently within limits and is monitored periodically."