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Early birth may be inherited

Women who were born prematurely are more at risk of having a pre-term baby, a new study reveals.

The University of Aberdeen study found a mother-to-be in this situation -- or with a sibling who was born prematurely -- would be 60pc more likely to have a premature baby in her first pregnancy.

In subsequent pregnancies she would be 50pc more likely to have a pre-term birth.

The findings are based on data taken from mothers and their daughters who gave birth in Aberdeen between September 1948 and March 2008.

Hitler advert hits resistance

An ad for a clothing shop featuring a pink-clad Adolf Hitler has outraged citizens in Sicily and led World War II resistance fighters to ask that it be taken down.

The resistance fighters said in a statement on their website that the poster "offends those who fought to defeat Nazi-Fascism."

The poster in the Palermo ad features Hitler in a pink uniform. The swastika on his armband has been replaced by a red heart.