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Eagle sucked into jet engine

An eagle was sucked into an Alaska Airlines jet's engine just as the aircraft was about to take off, causing the flight to be aborted.

None of the 134 passengers or five crew members on board was hurt. The bird collision automatically shut off the plane's engine.

A spokesman for the airline said the jet braked to a stop just under a kilometre from the end of the 2km runway, which ends at the water's edge. The plane then taxied back to the terminal with its single working engine.

Soap star on driving charge

Strictly Come Dancing star Ricky Whittle will stand trial today accused of dangerous driving.

The former Hollyoaks actor, who was runner-up in the BBC dancing show in December, was arrested in November after he allegedly struck a photographer with his car.

The alleged incident took place in Liverpool city centre after Whittle had attended a cast party for the Channel 4 soap. Whittle (30) of Wigan, Greater Manchester, will stand trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

Bison hunting site discovered

Archaeologists working on the Blackfeet Indian reservation in north-western Montana have uncovered a vast former hunting complex where bison were stampeded over a cliff at least 1,000 years ago.

Researchers say the nine-mile-long area contains a well preserved 'drive line' system used to funnel bison to their deaths, along with bison bones and the remnants of campsites with hundreds of teepee rings.

The site is on a remote plateau overlooking the Two Medicine River and researchers say it could become one of the largest and most significant Blackfeet heritage sites in the region.

Vampires sink teeth into prize

Bloodsuckers ruled yet again at this year's Teen Choice Awards.

The Twilight Saga commanded this year's ceremony with 11 wins, including choice movie fantasy, villain and chemistry. Meanwhile, the CW's The Vampire Diaries sucked up seven trophies at the awards.

Host Katy Perry relived school days by dressing up as cheerleader, geek, hippie, prom queen and goth.