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Dunnes workers give 'cautious welcome' to 3pc increase in wages

DUNNES Stores workers have "cautiously welcomed" a 3pc increase from the company but have pledged to continue their campaign for better conditions.

Employees were told yesterday during internal "communication meetings" that they had been granted a 3pc rise.

It comes on the back of a pay claim that was first lodged by trade union Mandate last month, days after thousands participated in a day of strike action.

Staff at the retailing giant have been locked in a lengthy, bitter dispute with the company over working hours and pay, job security and representation rights with management.

This latest wage hike is the third that workers have enjoyed in three years. Their pay has now been increased by a total of 9pc.

However, spokesperson David Gibney for Mandate, which represents 6,000 Dunnes Stores workers around the country, said their fight continues.

He said the latest development is "useless without putting in place some sort of banded-hour contract system or security of hours".


"Some staff could be on 30 hours up until this week and then they could be down to 15 hours next and give them nothing," he said.

"It just doesn't do anything to address the key issue which is securing hours.

"There have been a number of concessions by the company since we began. Last week they issued a four-week roster, whereas they had been doing week to week."

The majority of Mandate's members in Dunnes went on strike on Holy Thursday.