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Dunnes battles €36m bags bill

DUNNES Stores is to attempt to avoid a €36.4m tax bill for plastic bags by mounting an appeal in the Supreme Court.

Last week, Dunnes lost its challenge to a Revenue bill of €36.4m for the use of plastic bags used to wrap vegetables, meats and other products in their stores.

The company had claimed the levy on plastic bags was limited to carrier bags supplied at the check-out and that the Revenue could not apply the levy to other bags.

Driver pays up -- 58 years later

A Texas man will clear his conscience today and pay a one-dollar parking ticket he received 58 years ago.

Dale Crawford, from Houston, sent a letter to city chiefs after finding the ticket among some keepsakes. He said it was a debt that he wanted to pay, even though it was a "small, almost unnoticeable amount".

Mr Crawford received the ticket on February 3, 1953, the day he was inducted into the US army.

He left his 1946 Nash at a parking meter at the induction station, but because his father was late retrieving the car, it had been ticketed.