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'Dundon spy phone' seized at courthouse

A MOBILE phone was seized from a woman at Limerick courthouse after gardai suspected she was ringing convicted murderer Dessie Dundon with updates on his girlfriend's trial.

Dundon (29) was removed from his cell in the Midlands Prison yesterday as prison officers searched for a mobile phone.

Last night, he was being held in a separate cell as officers continued their investigations.

Dundon has been in prison since 2003 when he and four accomplices were convicted of the gangland murder of rival crime boss Kieran Keane, who was repeatedly stabbed and shot dead earlier that year.

Gardai suspect that the woman, who had been watching the trial of Dessie's girlfriend, Ciara Lynch (21), from the public gallery at Limerick Circuit Criminal Court had been providing Dundon with regular updates throughout the three-day case.

The phone was hidden inside her bra yesterday when gardai stopped her at the courthouse shortly before the jury returned their not guilty verdict.

Ciara Lynch (21), originally from Southill, Limerick, had been accused of threatening and intimidating Alice Collins and her daughter, April Collins on May 15, 2011.

Lynch was a 12-year-old child when her current boyfriend, Dessie Dundon, was imprisoned for life at the age of 20.

The pair have been going out since she was 16 years old, but in the intervening five years, she has never met her partner outside prison. Sources say she visits Dundon up to three times a week.


Lynch has previously been convicted of violent disorder when she and three other women attacked Alice Collins' Suzuki jeep in Limerick on September 13, 2010. She received a 10-month suspended prison sentence along with Ciara Killeen -- the girlfriend of John Dundon -- Dessie's brother.