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Dundon moved out of the Joy after drugs rise

ONE of the country's top gangsters has been moved from Mountjoy Prison after a surge in drugs while he was jailed there.

Limerick gangster Dessie Dundon (27) was moved to the maximum security Portlaoise Prison two weeks ago following a spike in contraband.

The Herald this week revealed how Dundon's presence was blamed by prison sources for an increase in the amount of drugs thrown over the walls attached to coins or batteries.

It started as soon as Dundon was transferred to Mountjoy on March 28 last. He was moved two weeks ago.

It is unclear whether the move was linked to the increase in contraband, or to a Prison Service policy of moving certain prisoners from jail to jail for security reasons.

A source told the Herald: "Little notice was taken. An order just came down the line that he was to be taken from Mountjoy at once and transferred to Portlaoise Prison.

"No definite reason was given for the move, but it solves two problems. It should limit the amount of contraband coming into the prison and it also ties in with the system policy of keeping major gangsters on the move, from jail to jail, for security reasons."

Recent figures from the Department of Justice show that there were 240 suspected drug seizures at Mountjoy Prison this year to April 18.

If this trend continues until the end of the year the figure will exceed 700, up on last year's figure of 547.