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Dundon appeal to delay trial

A MAN accused of murdering rugby player Shane Geoghegan can have an appeal aimed at delaying his trial.

The trial of John Dundon, (29), of Hyde Road, Limerick, is due to go ahead today but is unlikely to proceed in view of the Supreme Court decision.

The court did not order the postponement but suggested lawyers for both sides could discuss the issue and, if necessary, an application could be made for such an order.

Chief Justice Susan Denham agreed to give a priority hearing on June 25 to Dundon's appeal against a High Court decision refusing to delay the trial.


A primary school was evacuated after a pupil took an artillery shell to show and tell.

It is believed a year five student at St Margaret's Church of England Primary School in the village of Bowers Gifford, Essex, took the 8-inch artillery shell into class.

The device was taken to a nearby field while 250 pupils gathered at a safe distance. Army bomb disposal teams were called and decided the device posed no danger.


Two Massachusetts residents have sued the New York Post, saying the newspaper falsely portrayed them as suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

The lawsuit in Boston says photographs and articles published three days after the bombings made it appear the FBI was pursuing 16-year-old Salaheddin Barhoum and 24-year-old Yassine Zaimi.

The two were featured on the front page under the headline "Bag Men".

The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified monetary damages.


New Yorkers are going crazy about the Cronut – a cross between a croissant and a doughnut.

Queues form outside the tiny Manhattan shop of French chef Dominique Ansel most mornings. Some often leave empty-handed, as he makes only 200 to 250 Cronuts every morning and has been selling out within an hour.

Now he has limited his customers to two per person.