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Dundalk manager feared for family as fans' violence flared

A FOOTBALL manager has told how he feared for his family's safety when violence flared between Shamrock Rovers and Dundalk fans at a Premier Division clash.

Dundalk boss Ian Foster spoke of his fears after violence by visiting Shamrock Rovers supporters almost caused the abandonment of last night's game in Oriel Park.

The game was almost over when mayhem erupted with just 10 minutes remaining.

The incidents are likely to lead to strong sanctions for Rovers, with the security arrangements at Oriel Park also being reviewed.

On the field Dundalk were the winners as they managed a 2-1 victory to go top of the table.

Foster told the Herald: "I don't really want to comment on other teams' supporters, all I know is that we kept our discipline. It was worrying, my wife and child were at the game last night and it's not nice, my thoughts were 'where are my family, are they safe?'

"I don't really know what went on and I'm sure there will be an investigation into it, but the people who threw objects onto the pitch should not be allowed into a football stadium."

"I thought the game was going to be called off. The Rovers fans were throwing all sorts of things onto the pitch, it was quite hostile," the Dundalk manager added.

Rovers are now facing a stiff fine from the FAI over the behaviour of a section of their support. Rovers have suggested they will consider life-time bans for those who caused trouble in Dundalk last night.