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Dumping continues at blackspot despite pledges by council

THIS is one of the biggest blackspots for illegal dumping in Dublin, and it is continuing despite pledges by two local authorities to clamp down on the culprits.

Waste dumped in St Margaret's Road in Ballymun lies between the Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council boundary line.


The rubbish includes discarded television sets, fridges, furniture, mattresses, children's toys, bags of glass bottles and used nappies among thousands of illegally dumped items.

New footage has prompted the councils to increase supervision of the area in an effort to clamp down on those behind it.

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council told the Herald the road would be under close watch from now on.

"This area has been cleaned regularly by Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council over the past while," said the spokesperson.

"It will be receiving more attention in the coming months with a view to dealing with the indiscriminate dumping."

A spokesperson for Fingal County Council said: "We are working closely with Dublin City Council to find a solution to this recurring problem."

They added that a major clean-up of the road has been undertaken by council staff in recent days, but the Herald understands even more dumping took place afterwards.


"Regular clean-ups are carried out when resources allow," Fingal County Council said.

The Green Party candidate in May's local elections, Ken Duffy, said he had inspected the rubbish after learning of the latest dumping and described it as "a total rat-fest".