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Dumped pups Mork and Mindy looking for a home

MORK and Mindy have been very lucky.

The three-week-old puppies were found dumped in the middle of the countryside.

And now the adorable pair are looking for a new home.

Siobhan Downey saved the pups after she found them crying by a gate while out walking her own dog Bailey at Donaghmoyne, Co Monaghan, a week ago.

"It was probably only a matter of time before the buzzards or a fox got them," she said.

Siobhan put the two in her car and brought the pair to the care of Helen Hewett in the Carrick Dog Shelter.

"I am appalled and shocked that they were dumped like this," Helen said.

"I would have no doubt these little guys would not have lasted more than another couple of hours before buzzards got them. If they didn't a fox or other wild animal would have."

Buzzards are a bird of prey and are native to the North East of Ireland, particularly in Co Monaghan where there are breeding pairs.

Siobhan is a birdwatcher and says she often sees them in the Donaghmoyne area.

Mork and Mindy should have been left with their mother for at least six weeks before they, or their mum, was ready for them to go.

Helen believes that there were more than just two puppies in the litter – and believes the others met a tragic fate.

"There would have been more pups with the litter and the chances are they were taken by the wildlife."

She was shocked to see that the puppies had their tails docked.

"I can tell that their tails were not docked by a vet and it looks like they were done when they were more than four days old.

"Usually they are done before then because the nerves are not fully developed and it is less painful for them. It is not a clean job at all.

"We are hand-feeding them canine replacement milk every two to two-and-a-half hours and they are just lovely little things.

"It makes my skin crawl to think there were more of them and they obviously did not survive."

It's hoped that Mork and Mindy will be looking for good homes in about six weeks' time.