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Dumbrell is put on 'Alcatraz' wing with roll-call of notorious prisoners

IRELAND'S most dangerous prisoner is serving life on the country's 'Alcatraz' wing -- alongside four notorious killers.

Warren Dumbrell is now incarcerated on the high security segregation wing at the Midlands' Prison after his recent conviction for murdering an innocent dad.

The Herald today reveals the psychopath's daily routine -- similar to that 'enjoyed' by the four other killers and two bent prison officers detained there.

The unit at the jail, in Portlaoise, is home to a "who's who" of the country's most infamous killers.

They include Limerick gangland figures and a crazed Dubliner who beat a fellow inmate to death inside Mountjoy Prison.

According to sources, Dumbrell -- who kidnapped and threatened to kill officers in a 1997 Mountjoy riot -- has co-operated to date with the strict regime.

The segregation wing at the Midlands allows the men to be isolated from the general prison population, usually on 22-hour lockdown in their cells. Sources have nicknamed the wing 'Alcatraz', a reference to the former high security jail in the US.

Along with Dumbrell, serving life for stabbing Christy Cawley to death in front of his wife and children in Inchicore, the segregation wing is currently occupied by:

  • Lifer James Cahill, who shot dead Limerick bouncer Brian Fitzgerald.

  • Killer Stephen Egan, found guilty of the manslaughter, by reason of diminished responsibility, of Gary Douche in a basement cell in Mountjoy.

  • Stephen O'Sullivan, linked to the Dundon-McCarthy gang, jailed for the manslaughter of Mark Moloney in Limerick.

  • Lifer Stephen Rock, from Ballyfermot, a convicted murderer who escaped and was re-arrested in London, now serving the remainder of his sentence.

  • Disgraced former Limerick jail prison officer Thomas Corry, serving five years for smuggling drugs into the jail.

  • Disgraced former Dublin prison officer Dillon O'Brien, serving four years for smuggling booze, drugs and phones into Mountjoy.

The prisoners can have some measure of association but are isolated from the general prison population.

But a special regime exists for Dumbrell (36) because of his previous history of violence, including his part in taking officers hostage in Mountjoy.

Respected former prison officer Larry Buggy last week warned in the Herald that Dumbrell was capable of killing again behind bars.

A recent appeal court hearing involving one of the wing's occupants heard of the daily routine of prisoners.

The court heard O'Brien was not allowed to be a "trustee" prisoner as work in the kitchens would bring him into the general prison population and possible danger.

His routine -- which broadly mirrors that of the other inmates on the wing -- was as follows:

8.15am: breakfast in cell.

9.30am-10.30am: released and allowed to use gym on his own.

10.30am-11.30am: back in cell.

11.30am-12pm: half-hour in exercise yard measuring 64 paces by 18 paces.

Midday: lunch in cell.

5.30pm: half-hour use of pool room.

6pm: locked back in cell.