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Dumb burglar on run after holiday break

ONE of Ireland's dumbest criminals is one of only two prisoners who failed to return after temporary Christmas release.

In total, 249 inmates were granted release over the Christmas period, but hapless Quentin Sheridan (36), from south Dublin, and fellow convicted burglar Gary Cronin (19), from Galway, were the only prisoners not to show up.

Sheridan is missing from Mountjoy Training Unit and Cronin failed to return to Loughan House Open Prison in Co Cavan.

Both men are near the end of their sentences and have been described by jail sources as "model prisoners".

However, Sheridan was previously slashed across the face in jail because of an alleged drugs debt. At a court hearing in March, 2010, Sheridan, of Rossmore Grove, Templeogue, was jailed for five years after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary at a woman's south Dublin home on October 8, 2008. He had 38 previous convictions.

It emerged in court that he terrorised the elderly woman before telling her his life story and asking for a cup of tea.


Gardai told the court the woman, who lived alone, was in bed after 1am when a man with a scarf over his face came into her bedroom and told her: "I want money and jewellery."

He switched on the light and she saw he had a bread knife.

She was also able to see his face and later gave gardai a detailed description. "I thought I was finished," she told them.

She said there was a smell of alcohol from him and she saw he was also carrying a litre bottle of cider. When she gave him her wallet containing €10, he said: "You must have more stuff in this big house."

He asked her: "Did you ever meet a criminal before?" and when she said she had not, he told her her it was not his fault he had become involved in crime, and that his father had robbed to feed the family.

Sheridan apologised and told her: "I have to rob."

He then asked the woman for a cup of tea or coffee.

She refused and escorted him downstairs. She noticed that her patio door had been shattered.

He left the house and drove off in her car using keys he had taken earlier. He also took about €260.